This is the official, operational and up to date website for MLM. On this webpage you can find and view information open to the public about MLM.


Our "FNG" programme or "Fucking New Guy" Training programme is probably one of the most notorious training programmes out there in the GTA Community. Were always looking for more members.


If you would like to join, contact us. You can look for anyone with "MLM" in their Gamertag, or you can add the following Officers on Xbox Live:


MLMx Kommandant

MLMx Vigilante

MLMx Gohan

MLMx Bacon

MLMx MuffinMan


MLMx GunSmoke


You can also contact us on our Youtube page


On the Rockstar Social Club


Or you can email us

On The Social Club

The Middleton Lane Militia takes pride in everything that we do. We are GTA's number one Paramilitary, being both hated and recognised by alot of people.


Currently we are rank 151 in the world for Team Deathmatches, and we take in this. Since the modding happened, the leaderboards dont show the legitimacy of a crew. The TDM section of the leaderboards however can only show the legitimacy of a crew and so I take pride in this. I love being able to both say and prove that we have never used mods on GTA V, and if you dont believe me just head on over to check out our social club.

The Official MLM Emblem
The Official MLM Emblem