We developed our own system of displaying personal achievements and sharing them with friend and foe. The origins of the first "Patch" system date back to around 2008 and were mainly used in the times that GTA TLAD was popular.

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The Medals


Awarded to the 4 Founding fathers of the new MLM. These members were around and helped plan and execute Operation Sudden Death. They are: Afroman, InfraRed, Vigilante and Reaper.


[RWM] Awarded to all MLM for there role in the Raven Wood Massacre. The official operation to shut the Raven Wood Militia was a perfect success and helped us with 4 major victories of RWM. The last freemode was was deemed the end and RWM was renamed the Raven Wood Massacre


[CEC] Awarded to MLM in the Central Executive Committee in MLM


[Militant] Awarded to MLM who own and play all official clan games. The games are, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield(s), Forza and Murder Miner's.


[NWO] Awarded to either official Commissioners or those in MLM who have atteneded an official NEW WORLD ORDER summit.


[RAIDED] RAIDER MC after trying to fight the NWO was officially shut down by the NWO and in memory of RAIDER MC and official Patch/Medal was born. Awarded to all NWO for there part in shutting down RAIDER MC.


[Blood-In] The Official Law States that MLM must kill to get in. This medal is awarded to those who have done so and proven there worth as an official FNG. Welcome to MLM!


[Blood-Out] The Law states in order for you to leave MLM, you must leave in a casket. This medal is awarded to those who have had the balls to stand up and make an example of the cowards they kill.


[42nd] Awarded to members of MLM's official infantry division. Under the command of Rival Alex and the tactics of a Shock Brigade you master the art of lighting war, you make us what we are today...a force to be feared.


[501st] Awarded to MLM's official Armored division. You are the master of armor and deception in the eyes of our enemies. Your single handedly capable of taking down 50 or so guys in a standard freemode.


[101st] Awarded to MLM's Airborne Division. You are the master of air and deployment. Not only capable of air-to-air you are our elite pilots capable of gun and run tactics.


[DRIVER] In order to achieve this medal you must complete one of MLM"s Driving Training Exercises and Win 3 or more MLM Hosted Street Races. Achieving this medal proves that you have dedicated yourself to benefit the clan with your skills and driving performances.


[Hell-March] A training course made by Senior General InfraRed "The MLM Long March" was made in an effort to Haze the inferior out of the FNG training program. Instead it was so difficult to complete that currently only 3/20 people have actually completed the course. The course was reassigned from the FNG program to an advanced course for MLM. Reach the end and recieve the badge tht says you will cross mountains to achieve dominance in the San Andreas.

The Official MLM Emblem
The Official MLM Emblem