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What This Means To MLM

Below is a list of all of our official alliance's. There is also a list for the crew's we have ceasefire's. All MLM, including FNGs of MLM are to know never to shoot at either the New World Order or crews we have a ceasefire with.


To MLM there is a major difference between an alliance and a ceasefire. We do not support anyone outside of the New World Order. However we do allow ourselves to make mutual agreements with other crews.


Nobody under any circumstance is to shoot at either an allied clan, or a clan we have listed below under the ceasefire's. If you are engaged, or feel threatened, leave the area or the game and talk to an officer immediately.



[Sons of Anarchy] (SONS)

[Acta Non Verba] (ACTA)

[Ghosts of War] (VGOW)

[Task Force Sabre] (ITFI)

[Hells Angels Elite 81] (HA81)

[King Clan] (KING)



[Carlisi Crime Family] (XCCF)

[Roselli Crime Family] (RCFX)

[The Bomb Squad] (NNA)

[Sicario Crime Family] (XSCF)

[Corleone Crime Familia] (CCFX)

[La Torre Crime Family] (LTCF)

[Academi PMC] (APMC)

[Liberty City Mafia] (LCMX)

[The Vegas Crime Family] (VCFX)

[Untold Legends] (UTLX)

[No Skill] (VNSV)



The Official MLM Emblem
The Official MLM Emblem